Welcome to the Lost Frontier campaign!

Status: Building in progress

This is a fantasy sandbox D&D 4th edition campaign currently run over IRC. The setting and gameplay are inspired by West Marches and Pazio’s Kingmaker Adventure Path.

The world is based in a wilderness that was dotted with burgeoning colonies as little as 40 years ago. A massive typhoon wiped out a majority of the existing settlements and civil war focused the major political powers’ attention back to domestic matters so the region was abandoned. Until now.

The game progresses on player decisions, like GTA or Fallout, and is designed to be played at irregular times with pick up groups.

To facilitate gameplay, there will be a ‘retinue’ of premade characters available for the player team. Want to play a different character next time then pick up your main character again? Feel free. John can’t play this week but the party really needs his high level wizard? You can bring the character along. Characters gain experience based on how often they are played. Want to have a single character and reserve him for yourself? Show up a couple of times.

The frontier is harsh however and not to be underestimated. With freedom comes consequence. If you ignore warning signs and end up over your heads your character may end up maimed (negative feats) or even dead.

Games will be played over IRC and game times will be announced on Twitter. Enjoy!

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